Senior Health: Eating Sensibly

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Senior citizen health concerns always include diet.  And although obesity is not a primary issue for seniors, being overweight (a little or a lot) is a concern for many seniors.  Some simple suggestions can help us maintain our weight at a healthy level:

  • Eat mostly fruit and vegetables, whole grains and legumes (beans).  This doesn’t mean eating a tub-full several times a day.  Be reasonable about amounts.  A handful of strawberries is one serving. A peach is one serving.  A handful of green beans is one serving.  You get the idea.
  • Density counts.  High calorie food is fried, creamed, buttered, sugared and processed.  When you are preparing a dish, leave out those high density caloric items and use low calorie substitutes like broth, veggies and beans.  Steam or grill veggies instead of creaming and buttering them.  Eat fruit raw, with several different kinds cut up in one fruit bowl.
  • Literally, trim fat.  Trim it off any time you prepare meat for the grill or broiler. (No fried stuff, remember??)  Make the switch to fat-free milk or plant-based mile (soy, almond, rice).  Remove poultry skin.  Prepare creamy sauces and dressings with yogurt and fat-free soy products.
  • Eat one or two bites of a sweet treat daily.  Keep the calories down but  satisfy that sweet tooth, especially after meals.

Reasonable food choices result in good health and keeping pounds off for senior citizens.

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