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AARP recently published a great article talking about having fun on a fixed income. The suggestions in the article are very good, and SCJ encourages readers to take a look at the article. We post a summary of it here to get you started thinking about having fun in spite of little or no money left over after paying for food, rent and medicine.

  • Use your local library for groups, activities and functions that are of interest to you.  Most library events are free.
  • If you like movies, volunteer to be a docent or ticket-taker at events where movies are offered.  Likewise, if you enjoy cultural activities of any kind, join the group of volunteers who assist producing events.  Other volunteer events include sports, festivals, museums or conventions.  Find what you enjoy and volunteer to help out.
  • Join groups that do what you like to do, from knitting to biking to hiking to bridge.  Most of these activities cost nothing, or have only a minor charge for participants.  Find activities at
  • Local museums, zoos and gardens have days when admission is free and/or the fee is reduced for seniors.  Take advantage of these days.
  • Watch for events planned by local schools, universities and colleges.  They are frequently offered at reduced prices for seniors.
  • Likewise, watch for sporting events that offer reduced-price days for seniors.
  • Spend an evening at local cafes, bars and restaurants that feature local entertainers.  Order a meal and drinks that you can afford and sit back and enjoy the music.

Your local paper frequently carries articles about events in your community.  And you can always use your online search engine to find events that are free or reduced-price for seniors.


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