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Oscar Night Highlights Seniors

Did you watch the Oscars?  We did, and both of us were struck with how many senior citizens were honored with Oscars. First, Billy Crystal was the host and he is 63.  Meryl Streep got Best Actress; she is 62.  Christopher Plummer is 82 and he received Best Supporting Actor; he is the oldest recipient ever to receive an Oscar.  Oscar itself is now 84 years old.  Way to go, Seniors!

What does this say about seniors and aging?  We here at SCJ think it’s all about productive aging.  These seniors just keep on doing what they enjoy doing. To be sure, Christopher Plummer is probably slowing down.  But he is not stopping.  He is doing what he enjoys doing, and likely will never ‘stop’.

Meryl Streep talked about her value of friendships, old and new, when she received the award.  She highlighted what experts say is one of the necessities in productive aging.  We seniors who have friends, enjoy being with them, enjoy activities that keep us in touch with them are healthier and happier, and we live longer, more productive lives. Friendships add to productive aging.

It’s All About Choices

SCJ has said this before, and we say it again… it’s all about the choices you make about how you live your life.

  • You can sit in your home/apartment/room and bemoan the fact that nobody comes to see you, or you can go out and spend time with friends, neighbors and family;
  • You can sit in the rocker or recliner and vegetate watching television; or you can pick up a senior puzzle and work on it, or read a book, or go visit a friend, or do knitting or crocheting or handiwork, or do an Internet search to find something new to learn about; the possibilities are endless!
  • If mobility permits, you can volunteer at your local food bank or crisis shelter or thrift shop or church function or senior citizen center or…  or…  you fill in the blank;
  • You can take a lifelong learning course at your local community college or online; there are free ones out there; your universe can be expanded exponentially with these choices;
  • You can be miserable and complaining and focus on the negatives, or you can make a senior citizen productive choice and expand your horizons to include new life in this big wide wonderful world in which we live.

It’s up to you, dear friends!  It’s up to you.

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