Keeping Fit at 60+

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Exercise Critical for Seniors

Exercise is important for people of all ages, whether you’re 16 or 60. Just because you’re getting older doesn’t necessarily mean that you have to stop exercising. In fact, regular exercise is more important the older you get as it helps prevent bone loss (reducing the risk of fractures), reduces the risk of dozens of diseases associated with aging and also increases muscle strength.

There are many examples of inspirational athletes over the age of 60 around the world. Take marathon runner, Fauja Singh, aged 103. On 16 October 2011, Singh became the first 100-year-old to finish a marathon, completing the Toronto Waterfront Marathon in 8:11:06.

Also, Olga Kotelko (age 95) is another fine example of defying the odds at 60+; she holds 17 world records in her age category (90-95) for the Masters competition and she continues to compete. She recently said “I still have the energy I had at 50. Where is it coming from? Honestly, I don’t know. It’s a mystery even to me.”

Of course, not everyone can expect to be an athlete of Singh or Kotello’s standards’, but they do show us that we can’t use age as an excuse not to partake in exercise.

Importance of Exercise

Some studies suggest exercise for seniors is one of the critical elements in aging slowly and in a healthy fashion. Seniors suffering from a variety of ailments are typically folk who do little to no exercising. On the other hand, seniors who exercise regularly are both stronger and have more vitality with fewer incidents of illness. Home Care Technologies provided a helpful infographic to find out more about exercising at 60 and over. Check it out, do the research on the Internet about the importance of senior exercising, and then get up, get out and move!


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