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Retirement doesn’t have to be an all-or-nothing proposition. In fact, many doctors will tell you that complete retirement isn’t always good for your health. A better option is semi-retirement, where you continue to contribute to the community while enjoying what you’ve earned — more time for yourself and the family.

What you decide to do for compensation after you retire will depend on what emerges when you inventory all of your interests and skills. Unlike times in your career when you may have taken a job you didn’t prefer because you felt you had to, you can take the time in post-retirement to find something that’s an ideal fit.

Let’s Examine the Possibilities

If you happen to have training as a nurse and you find yourself with wanderlust, travel nursing could offer a perfect future for you. A travel nurse is hired to work for a limited amount of time (typically up to 13 weeks) in a specified location. The salary for travel nursing can be as high as $75,000 yearly.

If wellness interests you and you don’t mind completing some additional education, you’ll be able to consider several possible part-time jobs. How about a skin care specialist or a nutritionist? Or, think about working as a licensed massage therapist. That’s a job that can help you stay in shape.

Opportunities for Skin Care Specialists

There are many settings where skin care specialists will be needed in the years ahead. Thanks to baby boomers having plenty of disposable income along with concerns about aging, jobs for skin care specialists are expected to increase by 25 percent between now and 2020, the Bureau of Labor Statistics reported. Department stores will need sales clerks to help customers choose purchases — in addition to demonstrating proper use of skin care products. Spas, health clubs, and beauty salons are also hiring skin specialists to recommend products and if trained properly, to perform some skin care procedures, such as waxing or facials. Skin specialists can earn more than $24 hourly.

Opportunities for Nutritionists and Dieticians

Opportunities for nutritionists and dieticians are expected to jump by 20 percent in the next seven years, the BLS reported. Though the two terms are often used interchangeably by mistake, a nutritionist can be anyone who is knowledgeable about human nutrition; a registered dietician requires specific college training. Corporations with wellness programs, health clubs and private or charter schools likely will want to hire nutritionists. Supermarkets and restaurants often hire nutrition experts to create special menus. Nutritionists can expect to earn about $18 hourly.

Opportunities for Massage Therapy

A licensed massage therapist must receive certified training, but demand for these professionals is expected to soar through 2020 and opportunities will abound in spas, fitness clubs, resorts and hotels and retirement communities. Expect to earn close to $17 hourly, but with tips, you’ll probably earn more.

By discovering the perfect next “mini career,” you’ll be guaranteeing yourself the most rewarding retirement possible — one that offers freedom and fulfillment.

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Rose Hansen: After retiring from a 30-year career as a gallery curator, Rose decided to spend the rest of her days as an arts writer and reviewer, and she is doing just that.

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