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Internet Resources for Improving Senior Diet

Many seniors love to eat out. Ordering a meal is easier than preparing it. And going out provides social stimulation in an otherwise lonely day. But what about restaurant food? There is a lot of information out there today about how restaurant food is bad for you. Too many calories. Too much fat. Too few nutrients seniors need daily in their diet. How do you know what is okay and what is not okay to order?

SCJ found a great resource recently that appears to be highly objective regarding restaurant food. The site is They don’t appear to be selling anything, there is a lot of free information available for download, and they offer a lot of good advice for seniors about their nutrition needs.

Foods to Avoid and Foods to Include

One of their pages is about what not to eat, and it is updated regularly. The nice thing about these articles is that they identify specific food items, reveal what is ‘bad’ about them for senior diets, and document why the item is not good for you. This is a great way to identify restaurant menu items and grocery store items that you probably should avoid.

Another page talks about the 10 best foods. Again, you do not buy anything from them.  The PDF file is a free download. says the ten best foods are sweet potatoes, mangoes, unsweetened Greek Yogurt, broccoli, wild-caught salmon, crispbreads, garbanzo beans, watermelon, butternut squash and leafy greens.

There are good resources on the Internet today to help seniors maintain a good diet regimen. is only one. If you find another site that works better for you, go for it. What is important is to be sure you know the foods to include in your daily menu, and the foods to avoid. We seniors need all the help we can get to keep ourselves in good physical, mental and emotional health.


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