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Meds That Can Create Fatigue

Many seniors deal with chronic fatigue syndrome, and many who do not still feel ‘washed out’ and lacking in energy much of the time. There can be many potential causes of such problems with retirees. A recent AARP article about chronic fatigue led to some interesting considerations.

The article describes nine possible medications that can create fatigue in 55+ers. As the editors here at SCJ looked at them, one discovered he was taking four of the first six in the list, and he has been lacking energy for several years. Medications are always suspect when we find we are taking more than one or two. The interactions alone can create havoc with the body.

The med list includes the following:

  1. Blood pressure medications
  2. Statins (for high cholesterol)
  3. Proton Pump Inhibitors (for acid reflux problems… GERD)
  4. Tranquilizers
  5. Antihistamines
  6. Antidepressants
  7. Antipsychotics
  8. Antibiotics
  9. Diuretics

Elderly : Senior woman with caregiver at home

    The article is a good one for seniors to review, because not only are the medication categories identified, but an explanation is offered about why the medication creates fatigue and what the alternatives might be. As always, seniors need to check with their primary care physicians about all medications that are prescribed for one’s unique health situation.

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