Falling is Dangerous for Seniors

Apr 6th, 2017 | By | Category: Lifestyle, Health & Fitness

Falls.. Leading Cause of Death for Seniors

Falls for people over the age of 65 can be fatal. Amazingly, 28%-35% of people aged 65 and over fall between 2 and 4 times every year. The issue is that a lot of these falls cause fractures and interestingly 87% of fractures in the elderly are due to falls.

This infographic from Hussey Fraser outlines what we can do to reduce to risks of falling. While there are some intrinsic risk factors, between 30% to 50% of falls are due to environmental circumstances such as poor lighting and slippery floors.

If you live with an elderly person try to look at what preventative measures you can take in the home to reduce risk of falling. Simple things like removing clutter and not having electrical cords spread across the floor could save someone’s life. Find out more about how to prevent falls now.

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