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Lifelong Education for Seniors

Lifelong learning isn’t a new concept.  Many seniors have taken courses of interest to them over the past several decades. Such courses have been offered at senior citizen centers, colleges and universities and civic and religious organization facilities.  Just because we’re retired, and faced with more limitations than we would like, doesn’t mean we can’t continue learning and expanding our life horizons.

Stimulating our minds with new information, challenging our brain cells with analytical thinking are part of what keeps our minds and bodies healthy.  And now a new opportunity sits on the horizon that has the potential to kick-start senior citizen lifelong learning in a huge way.

Colleges and Universities are now offering a variety–a huge variety–of courses online at no cost.  Zero cost.  No sign-up costs.  No registration fees.  Nada.

A recent story about some professors at Stanford University was picked up by NPR.  It’s really fascinating to read.  Outside the purvue of the University decision-makers, they began offering courses online for free.  And now, after some serious discussion, Stanford is now beginning to offer some courses to students around the globe, for free. Read the story for the details.

A Revolution in Education

The changes wrought by Stanford and other major colleges and universities around the globe are staggering.  The concept that education is a right and affordable education (like, for free) should be available to everyone is beginning to play out on a global level. The transformation is just beginning, and seniors are encouraged to keep up with the news reports for how it gets played out.

We seniors aren’t too concerned about degrees and qualifications for employment like our younger counterparts. So we’re a little free-er to just take a look at the courses available and figure out what interests us, and sign up to learn–for free.

SCJ suggests that you do a search engine query with something like ‘senior citizens lifelong learning’ and see what pops up.  There will be thousands of sites that are now offering online educational courses and programs for the entire gamut of learning possibilities. Don’t bother with the ones that charge you a registration fee.  There are so many reputable institutions that have no fee whatsoever.  Keep expanding and challenging your mind.  It’s good for you.  It’s also good for your body and spirit to remain open to learning.

We like the sounds of that.  For Free.

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