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Aug 30th, 2013 | By Dr Jerry D Elrod | Category: Senior Moments Blog

No matter the accolades and honors and “respect for the office” that comes with being the President, being President has its downside and difficulties. Caught on the horns of dilemma, frankly being President right now does not look all that appealing.

The tension to do or not to do looms large as the President is confronted with an enormously troubling choice. The Syrian conflict has, once again, landed on the steps of the White House. Most Americans seem to be in opposition to the possibility of a reactive stance to Syria’s alleged use of poisonous gas. It is a classic “between a rock and a hard place” situation.

FIVE TOP CONCERNS FOR SENIORS and what you can do about them

Aug 27th, 2013 | By Dr Jerry D Elrod | Category: Senior Moments Blog

In the David Letterman tradition, this list attempts to reflect what bothers seniors most:

Running out of financial resources earlier than anticipated.
Being faced with major health issues that affect quality of life.
Children moving back home because of lack of employment.
Losing a spouse/partner unexpectedly.
Being involved in a major disaster.


Aug 26th, 2013 | By Dr Jerry D Elrod | Category: Senior Moments Blog

Reports indicate that the numbers of veterans committing suicide continue to rise. The finger of shame and guilt points to Veteran Affairs and a lack of attention to Veteran medical need. It is a sad and compelling indictment. The New Patriotism needs to be more than signing petitions and marching with placards. Today’s patriots need to be proactive in behalf of veterans and their families. Support systems that are not following their mandate to work in behalf of veterans need to be called to accountability.

A new patriotism is one that offers comfort, solace, support, intervention, and all kinds of active support for veterans who willingly serve, often many tours of duty.


Aug 24th, 2013 | By Dr Jerry D Elrod | Category: Senior Moments Blog

Because life is so full of change, often it meets seniors with being in the doldrums and having to deal with depression. These are the enemies of aging. They rear their heads and strike out at us until they have seemed to conquer us.

Depression is an insidious problem for older persons. Life seems not to have the charm and luster of earlier days. Troubles and problems and despair seem to attach themselves to us much like leeches in tropical waters. Sorting out meaning to life takes enormous energy, willingness to fight back at the negatives.

If health issues seem so prevalent that they weigh us down further, then all the more the presence of


Aug 23rd, 2013 | By Dr Jerry D Elrod | Category: Senior Moments Blog

A friend of the 88 year old WWII veteran who was killed in Spokane, apparently at random, said after the death was reported, that all there seemed to be anymore is “bad news.”

There may be something to be said for that, but that something is not a response of anger, threat of retribution on others, or reinforcement of hate and suspicion. The tension between trying to keep the peace and waging more venomous attacks continues, it appears, unabated.

There is so much wrong with our world today that attempting to right it evokes the temptation to throw up one’s hands and just give up.


Aug 22nd, 2013 | By Dr Jerry D Elrod | Category: Senior Moments Blog

Seniors are at higher risk for a number of health issues associated with aging. We talk about them here today with the caveat that we are not medical professionals and do not offer medical advice. We encourage readers to discuss any health/medical concerns with your primary care physician.

These are some of the health conditions generally associated with aging:

macular degeneration,
PSA of 4 or above,
intestinal disorders,
chronic pain,
dramatic (unintended) loss of weight,
chronic sinus condition,
knee and shoulder pain,


Aug 21st, 2013 | By Dr Jerry D Elrod | Category: Senior Moments Blog

Some days seem to invite sufficient energy and motivation to take more on. More? Yes, more. And, it is that more that one needs to refine and define if it is to have the desired effect.

The temptation of aging is to settle into a deep groove and stay there. The habits of a lifetime seem to take over and rule one’s routine. Routine, by definition, can be its own discouraging and limiting condition.

Waking up to new opportunities and experiences requires a willingness to grab yourself figuratively by your shoulders and shake vigorously. Coming to that moment when realization dawns and one discovers the


Aug 20th, 2013 | By Dr Jerry D Elrod | Category: Senior Moments Blog

More of long time acquaintances and dear friends are reporting the loss of a loved one. Many of the notices indicate the death of a parent, particularly mothers. We are, after all, many of us, at that age when the clock ticks faster and the calendar seems to be turned over too often, too soon.

Many have lost their fathers, years back. Men seen to have shorter life spans. And so, we spread out our grief, extending over several years, so that our adjusting to the loneliness and heart ache that inevitably comes is less difficult.

It is that that draws our attention today. Grief is a good thing. It gives permission to our needing to


Aug 16th, 2013 | By Dr Jerry D Elrod | Category: Senior Moments Blog

Reports indicating a rise in elder abuse in their own homes and in centers who specialize in care for the aging proliferate. It is a sad commentary that persons who have often benefited from support and unconditional love are now subject to abusive treatment at the hands of relatives and “professionals” alike.

At the first sign of behaviors that suggest maltreatment, an aggressive family member or good friend will leap into action. Care centers, so called, are held accountable by state laws and frequent inspections which can reveal weaknesses in their care and keeping of the elderly.

Hints in what the person of your concern offers in comments, attitude and behaviors can open up a can of worms. But


Aug 13th, 2013 | By Dr Jerry D Elrod | Category: Senior Moments Blog

How well you are doing financially has to do with the aggregate financial statement, which most seniors try to track very carefully and at least monthly. Excessive, uncontrolled, poor discipline in scrutinizing month to month expenses can get one in a financial quandary all too quickly.

A regular perusal of financial expenditures is an absolute requirement in retirement. Keeping those expenses at a well managed level creates comfort, reduces stress, and assures that your outgo and income will be well balanced.

Reviewing the bottom line should include the following: