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SCJ has a new hosting plan, and we’re proud to introduce it to you!

Although the look is very similar to the ‘old’ one, we have much more flexibility now to add current material and information relevant to retired baby boomers. We’ve discovered in our first year that our readers span the entire globe. That’s a little humbling for us!

But it’s also challenging. That just means we must keep our content relevant to the international retired community. And so we shall.

‘Today at SCJ’ is a conglomeration of just plain fun things to think about, some inspirational, some troubling and challenging.  You’ll never know what may show up on these pages, so come back often and check out what we have added.  Just hover your mouse cursor over ‘Today at SCJ’ in the navigation bar above and peruse the topics in the pop-up window; click on the one you want to read, and come back to repeat the process for the next article you are interested in absorbing!

We hope you keep coming back and finding information that is helpful to you as you continue to adjust to changing life circumstances. Retirement is a much-longed-for respite for some, and a curse for others. Whatever it is for you, we hope you find SCJ helpful.viagra fiyatları