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Aug 20th, 2013 | By | Category: Senior Moments Blog

More of long time acquaintances and dear friends are reporting the loss of a loved one. Many of the notices indicate the death of a parent, particularly mothers. We are, after all, many of us, at that age when the clock ticks faster and the calendar seems to be turned over too often, too soon.

Many have lost their fathers, years back. Men seen to have shorter life spans. And so, we spread out our grief, extending over several years, so that our adjusting to the loneliness and heart ache that inevitably comes is less difficult.

It is that that draws our attention today. Grief is a good thing. It gives permission to our needing to


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Reports indicating a rise in elder abuse in their own homes and in centers who specialize in care for the aging proliferate. It is a sad commentary that persons who have often benefited from support and unconditional love are now subject to abusive treatment at the hands of relatives and “professionals” alike.

At the first sign of behaviors that suggest maltreatment, an aggressive family member or good friend will leap into action. Care centers, so called, are held accountable by state laws and frequent inspections which can reveal weaknesses in their care and keeping of the elderly.

Hints in what the person of your concern offers in comments, attitude and behaviors can open up a can of worms. But


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How well you are doing financially has to do with the aggregate financial statement, which most seniors try to track very carefully and at least monthly. Excessive, uncontrolled, poor discipline in scrutinizing month to month expenses can get one in a financial quandary all too quickly.

A regular perusal of financial expenditures is an absolute requirement in retirement. Keeping those expenses at a well managed level creates comfort, reduces stress, and assures that your outgo and income will be well balanced.

Reviewing the bottom line should include the following:


Aug 12th, 2013 | By | Category: Senior Finances

Underneath the Glamour SCJ editors recently spent a holiday in a popular international resort, Cabo San Lucas. While there, they attended a presentation about buying a membership in a local resort, and discovered why resort memberships and timeshares are considered the number one regretted-purchase by seniors. The presentation was shiny and glamorous, with all the […]


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Everyday adjustments and changes are so subtle, we hardly recognize them as they are happening. Discovering my thyroid to have crashed early in retirement was a complete surprise. To find out that prostate cancer had invaded my body and required immediate removal was a total shock, requiring quick, decisive action. After five years, I remain free and clear. Macular degeneration, with the cleverness of a thief in the night, showed up with progressive and aggressive indicators. Mother’s death, while expected, brought about the shock that decline refuses to hide. We watch as friends take on the battles that ill health forces upon all of us. Day to day changes come and go, and their coming and going introduce us to the realities of living and dying.


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Because it has been several years since taking an international trip, we have been evaluating, considering and shopping for one that appeals to our needs and interests.

Prompting this undertaking has been a barrage of circumstances that have overwhelmed our attention, energy and emotional frame of mind. Sometimes it is just time to change life’s agenda to favor yourself. We have spent our lives caring for and attending to others. That has been a professional and conscience choice. It required huge helpings of emotional and physical energy and commitment.

So, now with Sharon having just celebrated her 70th birthday and our 38th wedding anniversary coming


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It’s Never Too Late to Get in Touch with New Technology “Hey, I just followed you on Twitter!” My heart just skipped a beat when my Mom said that. At the age of 75, no one would believe that she’s into social media, surfing the Internet, and being part of the online revolution. Unfortunately, some […]


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SCJ celebrates its fifth year this month. Articles and columns have exceeded 2500. Readers from all over the world have visited us. We have been allowed into homes virtually everywhere on the planet.

This is both humbling and motivating. So long as you are there, we will be here. Having your confidence and trust in what we have to say is reward enough for our endeavors.

Some days it is quite a challenge to come up with topics of interest. Once in a while there are more topics to emerge than time or ability allows for response. A few occasions have blocked our will and willingness to post articles. Some, such as the death of my mother, required taking some time for a respite, reflection, and


Aug 7th, 2013 | By | Category: Senior Moments Blog

Yesterday’s column put emphasis on Macular Degeneration. It is founded on a personal experience. It is amazing how rapidly the disease steals vision and interrupts ability to enjoy visually this wonderful world.

My plea to you is to have frequent check ups to determine if/whether there are signs suggesting early onset (reduced vision, impaired vision, etc). Often there are no ‘early signs’, thus the need for annual visits to your optometrist/ophthalmologist for screenings. Once macular degeneration is diagnosed, nothing can be done to reverse it; however, having the medical assurance and encouragement that you are not currently experiencing evidence of its presence allows for the dismissal of unnecessary anxiety and worry.


Aug 6th, 2013 | By | Category: Social Security & Medicare

Medicare Coverage Remains Essentially the Same Much of Medicare coverage that we seniors have will not change with the implementation of the Affordable Health Care Act (ACA) in 2014. The health care law protects our basic Medicare benefits. Our coverage for doctor and hospital visits does not change. The one thing it does add is […]