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Jul 21st, 2013 | By | Category: Senior Moments Blog

We spent last week doing what we hope to do with more frequency. Joined by our son and his darling, we converged in Cabo San Lucas, at the tip of the Bahai in Mexico. It was a blissful holiday, allowing for relaxation, celebration, contemplation on the beach, restoration and reunion.

Its the kind of occasion worthy of intention. It allows for the sheer joy of letting go and simply enjoying the slower passage of time, the indulgences that go with it, just doing simple things.

We can recommend such an escape, for it offers the sheer joy of pleasant pilgrimage and freedom from the ordinary routine of living.

There is something to be said for associating with people never before known; there is joy in struggling to understand


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Over the weekend, this 74 year old adult male took a tumble. Walking our 3 dogs along a familiar sidewalk, I tripped on a protruding sidewalk seam and went face down, experiencing a chin gash requiring a few stitches, a fractured right arm, abrasions on my knees not to mention the embarrassment that accompanied all of this.

With Sharon attending the dogs and trying to assist me, a young man, accompanied by his spouse and child, stopped to offer assistance, pick me up off the sidewalk and took me home less than a block away.

We made our way to the nearest Urgent Care Center, where two highly competent women attended me, took care of the immediate needs, did an x ray revealing my fractured arm, near the elbow, and assured us that none of the injuries had been life threatening.


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Our two sites, Senior Citizen Journal and Senior Citizen Travel, have attracted a faithful following. Many of you let us know you visit us with great frequency. We are pleased. Our Travel blog is done by our brother in law and his spouse. SCJ is managed by Sharon, my spouse, and me.

You are the engine that drives us. Your attention to what we have to say day by day motivates us to keep a ‘goin.’ Some of you will recognize that line as having come from a column inspired by a dear friend of many years, who, as a retired actor keeps a ‘goin.’

Almost every senior citizen I encounter seems to deal with issues of adjusting to this state of being. Some have done it with aplomb. Others not so well. Among those who fall into the former category are many who have found that defining retirement

Vacation Reading Essentials: Books to Pack In Your Beach Tote

Jul 10th, 2013 | By | Category: Lifestyle, Health & Fitness

Summer Reading for Seniors The weather’s heating up, and it’s vacation season. Suddenly you have a summer reading list that rivals the syllabus of an Iowa Writer’s Workshop. First off, ladies, you’re not in Iowa. You’re sitting poolside in Miami or lounging along the shore in Nantucket. Second, there is a rule for packing books […]


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If you have recently moved from a long time residence to an entirely different one, early on it will be critical, for your own satisfaction, to develop new and lasting friendships. Leaving persons behind who have meant much, for whom we have cared much, and whose absence in our lives will require initiative for replacement will be extremely important… both for companionship as well as for longevity. Research tells us that many factors contribute to longevity, including having a solid group of friends and positive thinking.

At church the other morning, I was glad to strike up a conversation with a long time member whose countenance seemed inviting. Indeed it was. The encounter was delicious, delightful and encouraging of future exchanges. It will require taking initiative and being open to his doing so. I have seldom found a person who doesn’t have an interesting life story, an intriguing


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This column will not apply to everyone. Unfortunately. It is written for seniors whose economic circumstances are such that you will be in a position to pass along some of your resources to others. For those who are in the quandary of having too little in reserve for their own retirement, this column may spur others to enlarge their sympathy for you and your circumstances.

Many who are retired and whose financial portfolio allows for planning the distribution of your estate, both now and later, are in a wonderful position to exercise enormous caring and support of others.

An article recently revealed a number of excessively wealthy, in company with Warren Buffett and Bill and Melinda Gates, who


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Depending on your age, you are met today with an avalanche of choices giving you all kinds of variety in life. Where we live, there are limitations created by the extreme heat; in other locales, floods are influencing decisions. No matter where you live, there can be numerous possibilities for what you decide to do.

Part of choosing what we will do with any block of time is the matter of realizing how many options there really are. Here are a few:

A dip in the pool, your own or a community pool.

An extended power walk in a large mall.


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The National Institute on Retirement Security recently published a study that highlights a top concern of senior citizens and Baby Boomers. The findings confirm “…the American Dream of retiring comfortably after a lifetime of work will be impossible for many. Based on 401(k)–type account and IRA balances alone, some 92 percent of working households do […]


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Tips for Saving on Mileage On a recent excursion up to the mountains just east of us, we experienced the usual frenzy with holiday travel. Cars and trucks with campers were buzzing by us, pushing the speed limit around those nasty hairpin turns on the road. They were eager to get to their campground, get […]


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Seniors Make Grocery Lists Carefully We senior women (and some senior men) generally make grocery lists every week with care and attention to items that meet our unique individual tastes, desires and requirements. What we may not be aware of is the level of contaminants and toxins in food we buy every day. Here are […]