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Having grown up in Texas, which is an indicator of where I am going with this, I inherited a variety of prejudices that it has taken years to overcome. I grew up in a heavily racially segregated world. Blacks and whites were separated in their conclaves and never the twain did meet. Oh, sure there were roles that blacks were expected to play, but only as prescribed by whites. There were stores where they could shop, gathering places for “them,” services they might render. But, these were carefully laid out and well understood.

By the time the Supreme Court handed down Brown vs. Board of Education in 1954, I had been saturated with the deep seated prejudice characteristic of East Texas and the Deep South. I wasn’t even ashamed of it. After


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Watching one’s economic health during retirement is as important as staying apprised of your physical condition. Frugality is a top necessity. Spending, without limits, can contribute to a condition as frightening as a sudden heart attack.

Since less money comes in and more goes out, regularly, a watchful, careful and judicious eye must be kept on expenditures. If you can live without it, do. If you really don’t need an item, avoid purchasing it. With costs spinning out of control and income being reduced it is mandatory that one’s financial health be reviewed at least monthly.

While seniors enjoy traveling, particularly abroad, eating out, particularly

Mediterranean Cruises: Where Do They Go?

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The jury’s still out, but most people will tell you the best way to experience the Mediterranean is definitely by sea. Out of the 14 million people who took a cruise in 2010, 14 percent said the Mediterranean was their favorite destination, according to So if you’re daydreaming about setting sail, palm trees and […]


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Among the things seniors have to offer is good counsel, solid advice, perceptive experience, insight for living, helpful directions, humility, openness to new life discoveries.

Are you ready for all or any of this? If so, jump in and commit to making yourself over to fit all or most of these descriptions as you age.

Cultivate a positive point of view.

Be open to others whose different opinions conflict with your own.


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My spouse, Sharon, inquired of me the other morning, “What are you going to be happy about today?” To which I replied “Everything.” Not a bad question. Not an inappropriate answer. Every single day offers the opportunity to be confronted with this query. Every time it is asked there should be a ready answer waiting.

If one chooses to deal authentically with the answer, the likelihood is that the day’s contents will be full of satisfying experiences.

Here are some of the reasons, in the face of all else confronting our day to day travels, that life is and can be good:


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Seniors Can Get Asthma too Asthma is typically thought of as a medical condition that is suffered by young children, who typically grow out of it eventually, or just have to avoid running when they get older. While this is true to some degree, asthma is also suffered by a large number of senior citizens, […]


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Good Diet Critical to Healthy Aging Many seniors today know the value of a healthy diet, with nutritious food that nourishes our bodies rather than creating disease and illness. But what a lot of us do not know is some of the research and science that goes in to healthy food. Our daughter recently invited […]


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Several years ago, I was told that I had had a stroke in my left eye, affecting my vision rather significantly. The visit to an ophthalmologist, following a checkup with an optometrist. confirmed that indeed I had had a stroke and that, in their combined opinion, there was nothing that could be done for me. I lived with that diagnosis for a number of years, finally visiting another ophthalmologist in a nearby city.

It was here that I was to learn that, indeed, something could be done. My history had included my having keratoconus and three corneal transplants during the period from the early 70’s to 2012. I was stunned to learn that during that time either technology had changed or the physician I had decided to


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Many seniors are unaware of a Social Security benefit for survivors. That is, a surviving spouse, and children in some cases, can receive Social Security benefits when the primary beneficiary dies. So how does this work? If a surviving widow waits until full retirement age, she can get 100 percent of her deceased husband’s Social […]


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This column today argues that periodic times away from one another contributes to a healthier senior relationship. If you already have a formula that works, move on to another column that may better address your needs. If, however, tensions are on the rise between you and your partner, it may be time for a respite.

To do so, here are some considerations that may help in coming to that conclusion.

Discuss candidly, openly and non defensively what present dynamics between you may argue for some time apart. This only means, a vacation, a few days away of one or the other. It has