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Prague Invites Seniors to Czech Out the City Prague, the capital of the Czech Republic, is a valuable historical city reserve. In 1992 the historical core of the city covering 866 hectares was listed in the UNESCO World Cultural and Natural Heritage Register. Prague represents a unique collection of historical monuments dominated by the Prague […]


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No matter who you are, where you are in the stages or passages of life, you will be confronted with change. Seniors are notorious, in some quarters, for being resistant and hostile to change. Like it or not, however it comes. Sometimes it comes with a fury. Sometimes subtle, slow change invades our lives and routines. Change is, to no one’s surprise, inevitable.

It also impacts others in younger generations. It insinuates itself into what was thought to be an otherwise stable existence. It comes suddenly, dramatically, definitively. When it does it alters our universe, our otherwise comfortable existence. Just when we thought everything had reached its apex of emotional and psychological comfort, change comes along and upsets us. Nothing stays serene and secure forever, and often, not for long.


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Samoa Lures Senior Citizens Samoa is one of those islands in the Pacific that senior citizens can include when they go island hopping. Let’s check out the island up close and see what there is to see and do on this exciting island. National Geographic Traveler Magazine highlighted some of the attractions in Samoa in […]


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Pests may invade the lives of senior citizens in the form of bugs and insects that cause unnecessary irritation in our homes, but other kinds of pests can also clog up our days. The first and obvious are those who invade our homes and gardens and outdoor sitting areas, creating interference with day to day life. This one is fairly easy to address, requires some willingness to introduce pesticides in your home and around it. Having done that or calling upon a professional grade and well recommended exterminator ordinarily takes care of the pests in this category.

Other pests include unsolicited phone calls, emails and junk mail. Not unlike the foregoing “exterminator,” one usually has to exercise some assertive behavior. Phone calls were supposed to be stopped,


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Super Rail System in Europe After the second world war, the Marshall Plan played a very important role in the reconstruction of Europe.  This included the rebuilding of a ruined rail system.  Today all of Europe is served by a super system of rails that seniors can take to most all major cities. Get on […]


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It was only supposed to be a check up. The visit was presumed to be routine. The tests were ordinary. At first. Then came the drop of the hammer. “There is something there,” the doctor said. “We need to do more tests.” That big “uh oh” moment comes crashing in upon you when they nor you have any idea what is being suggested here. It is unsettling, somewhat scary, and altogether mind boggling. Nothing like this was supposed to happen. Not now. Not ever!

But happen it does. And when it does, as the younger man told me, just the other day “It’s all a matter of attitude.” He is likely my junior by about 20 years. Yet, he is the one advising me, while he is the one coping with the bad news.


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Grasse Smells… very nice! The French village of Grasse located near the French Riviera is famed for its perfume factories, in fact it is considered the world’s capital. To the south, only 15 km away, is the city of Cannes with its yachts, fine-sand beaches and luxury shopping. To the east, about a 30-minute drive […]


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The Science of Probiotics We seniors hear and read a lot  about probiotics these days. The nurse-practitioner at the doctor’s office recently told us to start taking probiotics, and continue for the rest of our lives.  She also encouraged us not to get them at the local drug stores or big-box stores; rather we need […]


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New Report Reveals Senior Medical Debt The American Geriatric Society met May, 2012, in Seattle, and a new report from that conference provides some interesting information about medical expenses of the elderly. A report by Dr Amy Kelley, Mt Sinai Medical School, followed 3209 people between 2002 and 2008.  They focused on the last five […]


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There are days in the annual calendar that deserve more than we give them. Much more. While parades pay tribute, flags wave, wreaths are laid, families visit grave sites, somehow all of this is still not enough. It is not enough because simply saying thank you is not enough. This is a day when persons have fought and still are fighting for basic principles of freedom and democracy. This is a time when patriotic flag waving seems appropriate, but it pales when we consider deeply what it all means and symbolizes.

Memorial Day means that we memorialize those who joined and then took on the gruesome and terrible thing known as war. They did it to “serve their country.” They did it out of a deep need that maybe they can’t even articulate. They did it because they wanted to do it, had to do it. They did it because they love their