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Western Mediterranean Seaports Beckon Seniors Venice, Monte Carlo, Barcelona, Rome — the names alone inspire images of art and architecture, exotic seaports and classical cities, romantic cafes and quiet walks. The Western Mediterranean is a magical world brimming with history, beauty and adventure. Explore ancient ruins by day and casinos by night. Browse exotic markets […]


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Seniors, It’s Time to Head to Bora Bora “Bora Bora is the most beautiful island in the world.” So what makes this island so romantic and a hot spot for a senior vacation? Under a one hour flight from the island of Tahiti or Moorea, the island of Bora Bora, with a lagoon resembling an […]


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Provocative and stimulating thoughts contribute to good ideas which make for good days. Therefore, the more good ideas we have, the better our days. Putting oneself in an environment and position to have good ideas is the first requirement for creating the climate necessary for good days. That also means avoiding those climates that are depressive, downers, and destructive. The nature of our good days contributes to defeating the bad ones, when we take seriously heading off that which is negative.

Waking up every morning to the prospect of a good day as opposed to a bad one is ours to accept. To be sure it can come with its discouragements and detours. But, intentionally getting up, getting going is ours to have. William James tells a story about awaking and struggling with getting up. He says that we find all kinds of excuses to stay snuggled in our warm bed…until, at last, some motivating thought occurs and suddenly we have leapt from the bed with a “hollo” and the day is ours.


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German Jewel Awaits Seniors So seniors, have you been to Germany lately…or at all?  This city is one of the best-known among the many great cities in Europe.  It is no secret that Heidelberg is a jewel among German travel destinations. Heidelberg was voted the best place to visit in Europe. It’s called “The Town […]


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Determining to what you give the time of day will unveil a lot about who you are, what you consider important, how healthy your frame of mind is (at your age), and what in life garners satisfaction and pleasure for you.

Retirement or aging, growing older or maturing by themselves do not bring a set of predetermined conditions which define your life. You choose. When you choose you will have considered, discarded, deliberated, designed, overlooked a whole series of options from which your life will be structured and programmed. You will also have the option to examine and change choices previously made. Your patterns for living do not, repeat do not, have to be forever and always. No matter how stuck in the mud our lives may seem, there are ways to be extracted from old and useless habits of behavior.


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The Dalai Lama, Universal Symbol of Peace The Dalai Lama posted a message on his website recently that deserves to be shared around the world.  He is the universal symbol of peace in our world today, and his teachings and writings reflect his ability to bring differing ideologies together at the Peace Table. This is […]


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Aging brings with it a plethora of personal choices. If, when you were younger, you imagined yourself at a later age, that was a way of imaging who you would become. Some of us selected mentors, admired adults, persons’ qualities we found worthy of emulating. As we matured, we picked from among those impressions characteristics of our persona that we thought might work for us. The way we carried ourselves, our choice of dress and wardrobe, our mannerisms, our sense of etiquette, our personality were likely all influenced by persons we observed and admired.

Among those identities would be those we would fashion and improve upon in progressive stages. We don’t change our persona consciously, for the most part, and certainly not on a time line. It usually comes about gradually, sometimes without ready awareness that we are making or have made a change. Usually, but not always, it is for the better. Most of the time, most friends and family perceive the


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Seniors Find Journey of a Lifetime The Galapagos Islands (official name: Archipiélago de Colón; other Spanish names: Islas de Colón or Islas Galápagos) are an archipelago of volcanic islands distributed around the equator in the Pacific Ocean.  1,000 km from the Ecuadorian mainland, the archipelago consist of 13 major islands, of which 5 are inhabited. […]

JUST FOR SUNDAY: 10/23/2011

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The following quote has been used numerous times over the years as a way to focus what we seek in life to find fulfillment. It has served to open eyes and doors and windows for many. We hope it will speak to you as well.

THE RISK OF LOVING By Joseph Simons and Jeanne Reidy

We want and really need someone who will be involved in our life. When we open that hidden part of ourselves, even for a moment, we need someone who will react with us. We need someone who will share our strong emotions. We need someone so involved that they will be afraid with us, be glad with us, be depressed with us, who will expose their own humanity as we expose ours. It is this contact between two human beings, revealing their common sensitivities, which draws


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Senior Victims of Foreclosure Scams Senior Citizen Journal has written about fraud perpetrated against seniors in the past. We know seniors are easy targets because we grew up in a time when being polite and ‘nice’ was how we were taught to behave.  We fall prey to aggressive marketing that targets our vulnerabilities.  We’re generally […]