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Seniors Travel To Africa for Luxury Cruise

Aug 12th, 2010 | By | Category: Senior Travel

The Zambezi Queen may just have the royal suite on their boat that you are looking for. The Week has selected this hotel as their Hotel of the Week.  Why? Welcome aboard the Zambezi Queen, a new riverboat with 14 spacious cabins that have panoramic windows, zebra-striped pillows, and black-and-white prints by Cape Town–based photographer Horst […]

Seniors: Assess Your Mind, Body and Spirit

Aug 12th, 2010 | By | Category: Senior Moments Blog

There are several unchallenged rules to live by which equip our bodies for living well and productively. It is the easiest thing in the world to ignore and avoid those rules. It is the best choice to decide to adopt the disciplines that contribute to good health, favorable conditions for living, adequate and appropriate diet, persistent exercise, and a wholesome frame of mind. These, after all, are the pieces of equipment that need to be readily kept in good condition. Check ups will ascertain how well we do. Shopping habits at the grocery store or farmer’s market will indicate our diet. Adequate patterns of rest and then exercise will contribute to our day to day vitality. Looking at these from the perspective of how much better our existence is, will help us keep up the practices of equipping our bodies.

It comes down to a variety of very simple, but poignant questions. Considerations include taking care of yourself, considering the impact your own life and behaviors have on others, living with choices of tranquility make for a better day to day environment for keeping our equipment working smoothly. When we

Senior Citizen Cruises

Aug 11th, 2010 | By | Category: Senior Travel

Vacations to Go focuses on Discount Cruises, Last Minute Cruises, Cruise Lines and Cruise Vacations.  One can spend a lot of time searching for a good cruise line and experience but this site can help simplify that task.  They rate all the cruise lines, ships, regions and ports.  I recall having friends who simply walked […]

Seniors: How Are You Doing Taking Care of Others?

Aug 11th, 2010 | By | Category: Senior Moments Blog

The economy has shaken every facet of modern American life. Charitable institutions, with every kind of program and cause, are among those groups experiencing a downturn in their much needed income. Food Banks, homeless shelters, foster children needing care, temporary housing, generic operations such as Red Cross and Salvation Army and other sectarian groups all are facing unprecedented demands upon their assistance. Lines are long, need is desperate, numbers are overwhelming.

It ain’t a pretty picture. But it is a picture that both illustrates the need and the situation facing such volunteer aid efforts. Disasters, natural and daily in every hometown, continue to strike. More and more persons are being laid off. More and more children are experiencing hunger and the embarrassment of not having sufficient basic needs.

Financial Gains for Seniors with Health Care Reform

Aug 10th, 2010 | By | Category: Senior Finances

The new ACA (Affordable Care Act—the acronym for the health care reform bill) carries a promising mandate that could have very positive effects on how seniors are treated for a given disease or illness.  And that positive effect could result in billions of dollars of savings for senior citizens.  The ACA includes $1.1 billion that […]

Seniors: Is it Grief or Depression?

Aug 10th, 2010 | By | Category: Lifestyle, Health & Fitness

Senior citizens are at the top of the list of concerns when it comes to dealing with grief after the loss of a loved one.  Simply because of age, we are more likely than any other generation to experience grief when our spouse or sibling or dear friend dies.  Grief is normal, and we expect […]

Senior Travel Planning Aids:

Aug 10th, 2010 | By | Category: Senior Travel is a part of The Away Network and is the leading online destination for travelers planning their next vacation. Senior trip planners will find over two million pages of travel inspiration, trip ideas, travel planning tools and destination content for over 35,000 global locations. Founded in 1999, provides a distinctive blend of expert […]

A Senior’s List for Gifting

Aug 10th, 2010 | By | Category: Senior Moments Blog

If you are a list maker, then this column may have some appeal for you. One of the conditions we face, as we mature, is to procrastinate at those things which don’t seem to have such immediacy. We manage our day to day routines fairly well, but when it comes to the issues lying in wait, we have a tendency to put them off. That is both natural and normal. However, it creates situations in which, eventually, the items that we avoid or ignore come to the top of the list. So, today let’s see if we can identify some lists we need to make or come up with a Mother list which spawns minor lists of things to do and concerns to address.

*Review the legal tasks that require a trust, will, and other matters of disposition of an estate. Be aware of the need to update this list periodically .

*Ascertain the need for and completion of instructions for a memorial service upon my death. This, of course, presumes the choice of having a service.

Seniors, There are Islands of Hope

Aug 6th, 2010 | By | Category: Senior Moments Blog

If you are one of those seniors who grew up with a sense of integrity, saw hope in the future, nurtured the principles of fair play, then you are likely looking for Islands of Hope in our time. They are there. They are evidenced in good people like Shirley Sherrod, whose name and witness have now, gratefully, become house hold words. We need more Shirleys. We need persons who stand up for what is right and evidence a frame of reference that says “I can make a difference.” There are islands of hope.

Those who have worked hard in their professions and jobs, those who have reared their families with lessons of sensitivity are the persons who are helping keep the fabric of good sewn together in our times. There must be genuine satisfaction among those who took the time and demonstrated the courage to teach their children the principles of good and bad, right and wrong. That is one of the reasons that the millenia generation has less prejudice, demonstrates no interest in

Seniors: Staying Intellectually Curious

Aug 5th, 2010 | By | Category: Senior Moments Blog

Aging excuses noone from seeking out answers, asking questions, probing the issues that are peculiar to our times. Intellectual curiosity is a healthy habit, which allows for persons to wonder at the obvious. Seeking credible evidence that there are major concerns out there requiring an intgelligent assessment, a ready willingness to ask questions are worthy undertakings. This is no ordinary time, though some would treat it as such. The really old fashioned folk of this era are those who are non progressive, who refuse to see that the rules have changed, the dynamics are in flux, the circumstances of our time are in a constant boil. Our children and grandchildren need us to be more intensely alert, more willing to push for answers, more committed to challenge leaders in every venue to do something about what will surely make a difference in the immediate decades ahead.

But, as some demonstrate, they are both too lazy, too frightened, and too lacking in intellectual curiosity and courage themselves. They refuse to ask the probing questions because they are too caught up in protecting