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Retirement and Overseas Travel

Dec 24th, 2009 | By | Category: Senior Travel

Retiring overseas ( is a thought that more and more folks are having after traveling the world.  You can receive an email from the Top Five Places To Retire Worldwide by contacting: (     Below are several specific criteria to consider prior to following up on your desire to move overseas:  – Climate – […]

Cameras and Camcorders for Senior Travel

Dec 23rd, 2009 | By | Category: Senior Travel

One of the fun things to do while traveling internationally is to take pictures and videos to share with others upon your return.  My daughter found one recently that she took on our eight-day trip to France. It’s a marvelous little gadget that can bring home lots of video memories. She took a total of […]

What Makes for a Happy Holiday at Your House?

Dec 23rd, 2009 | By | Category: Senior Moments Blog

Whatever greeting you attach to it, whatever tradition you call upon, whatever festive occasion your family embraces during the month of December it likely carries with it lots of trappings that help to reinforce what the day(s) surrounding it mean.

It need not fit into some kind of presupposed mold in order to succeed at prompting sentiment, significance, or serendipity. Your house need not be festooned with all the blow up figures now available in giant size. Your electric bill need not zoom into four digits in order to be merry and bright.

Seniors: Spend to Save

Dec 22nd, 2009 | By | Category: Senior Moments Blog

There are some situations in which you really can spend to save. Check out the tax advantages before end of year. You may likely be in a position to take some legitimate deductions. By paying local property taxes you will be able to recognize significant savings. If you are gifting funds, up to the legal limit, you will make members of your family happy as well as their not having to pay a tax on your gift, up to maximum limit.

Spending to Save is more than a gimmick chosen by department stores. It can be a wise means for protecting and using your assets. Of course, there are some bargain considerations both before the big holiday and after. The trick is to watch the deadlines and expiration dates. For most tax advantages that

A Potpourri of Travel Sites for Seniors

Dec 22nd, 2009 | By | Category: Senior Travel

Travel Aides International is an escort service for handicapped, disabled, senior, elderly travelers.  There is a definite need for this kind of travel organization for many elderly travelers.  This site seems to fit the need quite well.  If you know of folks who are being held back due to an infirmity and who desire to travel […]

Senior Citizen Road Travel in the United States

Dec 21st, 2009 | By | Category: Senior Travel

If you enjoy taking off cross-country in your RV or your own automobile, check out some of America’s coolest small towns.  Budget Travel has a listing of the most popular cities.  They are:  CAYUCOS, CALIFORNIA (pop. 3,000), LEXINGTON, VIRGINIA (pop. 6,867, BREAUX BRIDGE, LOUISIANA (pop. 8,200),  TUBAC, ARIZONA (pop. 1,900),  WALLACE, IDAHO (pop. 1,000),  SAUGERTIES, […]

Seniors: With Worry Behind Me, What Do I Do Next?

Dec 21st, 2009 | By | Category: Senior Moments Blog

Now that we have addressed and, hopefully, put worry behind us, what’s next? Finding ways productively to occupy time is a daily senior undertaking. Some, who are naturally curious, do so with no difficulty at all. Others struggle with identifying ways to be busy at something all the time. There just aren’t enough hours in the day for them. They are to be admired because every time they invest a minute, it seems they are getting a great deal in return.

Searching for opportunities is a very worth while way to begin finding ways to be satisfyingly involved. If your day to day existence up to retirement has been characterized by self involvement, then it probably won’t be too difficult to continue to act out your daily routine.

Seniors: Worry is Never a Good Solution

Dec 18th, 2009 | By | Category: Senior Moments Blog

The week previous has been spent identifying the top ten worries which affect Seniors. Part of the focus has been recognizing that worry is often a choice. When it is , it is much easier to manage and dispel.

As counterproductive as worry is and as negative a means it represents for problem solving, it still is too often chosen as a means for overcoming issues. Arriving at the place where worry is reduced as an influence and a problem solving technique in one’s experience, means that you are choosing to be in control.

Obviously, it is helpful to have persons in your circle on whom you rely and in whom you confide to help you evaluate the nature of any worry. Moving from evaluation to solution will demonstrate that worry is, after all, a

Flying Abroad for Senior Citizens

Dec 18th, 2009 | By | Category: Senior Travel

Flying for long hours presents its own set of potential problems for Senior Citizens.  I have some suggestions to address the possibilities. Eagle Creek Ear Planes retail for around $6-7 and relieve painful ear discomfort, clogging, popping and hearing loss which occurs during take off and landing. With an exclusive CeramX filter that regulates air […]

Friends and Cookies, Christmas for Seniors

Dec 17th, 2009 | By | Category: For Senior Women

I have a new friend.  I can’t call him…he doesn’t have a telephone.  I can’t email him…he doesn’t have a computer.  He doesn’t have a car, a job, a house, a bed to sleep in.    He does have a smile on his face.  He has kindness in his heart.  He is a humble, quiet and […]